Soul Sessions – Rejuvenate, Uplift, & Nourish Your Soul

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Mindful Self Mastery

This two-day workshop will help you discover what lights you up in life, and how you can generate so much more of that light—intentionally and every day. It’s based on the Wellness and Recovery Action Plan model, a revolutionary and evidence-based approach that can help you take back your rightful place as the master of your own health and wellness.

Upcoming class dates:  April 2 & 9  ~  Course details 

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Essential Oil Information Classes

Learn how to harness the healing powers of plants by working with essential oils. These powerful oils are carefully extracted from various botanicals so that you can use them to support your health and happiness.

Our Essential Oil Classes include:

  • Emotions and Essential Oils
  • At Home First Aid & Healing
  • Beauty DIY

Dates in April coming soon!!  **Classes can be done in your own home as well.


Discover Your Sacred Gifts

This “teleclass”, which can be completed in the comfort of your own home, will help you to zero in on the powerful gifts that make you exactly who you are. If you struggle with feelings of purposelessness and frustration, you may not have clarity over what your Sacred Gifts are. Get ready for major clarity—and experiencing success in a way you would have never have dreamed was possible.

*Note: Individual series can be booked at any time.

Next group series starting in April.  


21-Day Meditation Series for Parents and Teachers

This series is designed to teach two groups of people—teachers and parents—how to meditate in order to be joyfully present for the incredible job they are both tasked with: raising children. Each group in a 21-day series meets once a week for three weeks, progressively learning more about how to set up an “inner wisdom” practice that will nurture every aspect of their lives. Groups include 6-8 participants.

 *Note: Series for teachers and series for parents are held separately.

  Upcoming 21-day Meditation series dates –  Finalizing April dates