Online Parenting Solutions Coach

Hi, I’m Shannon White.

I’m a mom, step-mom, wife, psychiatric nurse, child & youth mental health clinician, reiki practitioner, spiritual companion,  hospice volunteer, border collie owner & chauffeur to therapy dog and new mama to 8 pups,  Selena. 

I’m a busy lady and I know for sure you are too!   I could tell you all the credentials I have, but that would bore you and me.

What I will tell you is that I have a lot of experience professionally working with children, teens, parents and families.  Not just working with them but also being a quiet observer of their daily struggles and challenges and I hold space for them as they find their way.  I’ve watched & I’ve learned from all of them.  Now, I share, support, reassure and encourage parents.

Yes I am trained professionally but the greatest lessons learned and teacher to us all is experience and time.

So I will be sharing with you my experiences as a parent and a professional on Raising Adults.  I will also share with you the greatest wisdom I have had the honor to be in the presence of, from my hospice and therapy dog experiences, to my playground kid-logic that  I have learned from kids that all adults have forgotten.  I know this information will touch you and draw you closer to your soul and nurture the soul of your family.