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When you became a parent, you held your child in your arms and knew you would never, ever love anybody else more deeply.


But life can be a hard journey, and you’ve reached a place where your best efforts to love your child somehow just don’t seem good enough. You’ve given it all you have, but it’s just not going well. It might be time to gain wisdom and guidance with online parenting classes tailored to your unique and specific needs.

As a parent, are you dealing with:

  • Challenging or confusing behaviour from your child?
  • Fears that you’re not doing well as a parent?
  • A sense of “blah-ness” or depression as a parent?
  • Emotional struggles that make parenting extra challenging?
  • Confusion about what it means to be a “good parent” because you didn’t always have great examples of parenting?
  • A powerful desire to make your child’s life much better than what you experienced?
  • Anxiety about “passing down” the bad stuff you inherited or experienced from your parents?

Online parenting classes are confidential and effective at helping you face tough parenting decisions

Parents like you come to me for coaching because they want to plug back into that pure, abundant love they felt when they first held their children. Sure, they want their kids to behave better. But fundamentally, it’s about understanding how to live and parent from that original place of awesome, transformative love.

When you choose Parenting with Soul, you learn how to build relationships using your whole self—mind and spirit, body and soul. You are choosing to break the family cycles you were born into, and begin something new for yourself and your children. You are choosing to become a change-maker.

“I was overwhelmed with the job of parenting a a baby and a spirited toddler. I called her and after my first call with Shannon I was inspired again. She gave tips to make life with the family less stressful and easier.
My session was amazing! Shannon helped to bring me to a new place energetically and changed the way I look at myself as a person and a parent.
I am so grateful for Shannon and for how she has helped me in such a short period of time. I will absolutely continue to work with her and certainly recommend her to other parents.”
Ashlie C., Parenting with Soul Client


Online Parenting Classes & Parent Coaching through Parenting with Soul


One-on-One Parent Coaching Just for Parents Like You

  • An hour-long session to identify the core parenting issue you are dealing with
  • You can either leave it at the one session, or book 4-6 sessions as a package (which is recommended for best results)
  • The goal of the additional sessions is to work through and heal your core issue, transforming your experience of parenting
  • You will receive a discount if you book the 4-6 session package

The Parenting Journey

  • A system designed to take you on a journey of healing, self-knowledge, and self-mastery, transforming your experience of parenting—and so much more
  • A blend of one-on-one coaching sessions and workshops, including Discover Your Sacred Gifts and  Mindful Self Mastery.