Prisoner of You? 

I watched a prisoner walk to a corrections vehicle today, with 2 guards by his side.  He shuffled his feet due to being shackled, while his hands hung infront of him in handcuffs and his head was tilted forward with his eyes looking at the ground.  When he did look up and I saw his face, his eyes looked vacant.

I was struck by the similarities as to how this man resembled some of my clients when I first meet them and parents I see out in public.  Not that they are handcuffed or shackled visibly, but invisibly.  I see parents whose soul and spirit appear to be a prisoner of the human world.

Are you a prisoner of your own making?  Are you a prisoner of your choices or the choices you think you should be making?  Has organics, clean eating, extreme fitness, yoga or meditation, feeling you should be further ahead, harshly comparing yourself to others,  getting “just the right item”,  behaving “well” infront of the neighbours, or “parenting” the way the books and “experts” say,  got you leaning more to your human side than to your spirit & soul’s side????

In general there is nothing wrong with the list of items above that people choose to follow, but when you start to lose yourself in them and your kids become collateral of those choices, then no one is happy.   Remember, you are a spiritual being, having a human experience.  Not the other way around.  If you are not recognizing your soul self first, you will always experience feeling conflict, always be looking for the next “big aha or answer” to your situation, always be on the chase, and always have that underlying sense of discomfort, frustration and unhappiness.

I’m not really surprised anymore about the numbers of children, teens and young adults that  I meet & assesss everyday that have feelings of anxiety or that anxiety appears to be on the rise.  It’s not an epidemic, or a therapy issue – but it’s being treated by the medical system that way.  It’s a coping with the human world issue. They are separated from their soul self.  These kids are watching how their parents and caregivers cope and manage as they run from one thing to the next or chase the next “spiritual” practise that will fix their human side issues.

It’s remembering that we are two sided and we need to address each of our issues with two perspectives.

Children are born into being human from a spirit side and remain close to that spirit side while they are gradually being immersed into the human experience.  We don’t need or want total immersion, just recognition and appreciation, otherwise we lean way too far into human and way too far out of spirit & soul.  Yes, we need to understand the rules of being human and how to “play” within those rules, and yes, as parents we need to know how to raise our children and guide them.  Don’t forget that they guide us too, especially the ones that are still young and close to the spirit side, or are sensitives and will always be closer to the spirit side.

Children have their own soul journey, just as you have your own soul journey.

Take an inventory and find out?

~Are you really happy with what you are choosing or could you make choices that better suit  your soul journey and soul self?

Steady ProgressThis is the card that came up for today’s meditation.

Love only comes from the soul, not from the human side.  The human side needs love (soul) so the two can never be separated, no matter how hard you try.

This card means that the angels do know you are trying to reconnect with your soul self or struggling with it,  but that in you somewhere is still that recognition that you need your soul side and you are making steady progress.    Good news!

Focus on your soul’s progress and the lessons that are presented to you each day, instead of expecting “perfection” from yourself, your kids, or your human life.
You’re on the right path even if it feels that you’re moving slowing.  Appreciate yourself and your journey.